Your resume is not only for recruiters

Back in 2008-09 one of the seniors shared a tip that one should update resume even when not actively looking for a job change. I never realized the full value of that advise at once. Later I started following on that advise and used to update my resume generally every year in the month of November or December until 2015. I was caught up in dilemma which I suppose many must be facing about how little or how much more information is sufficient to be added in a resume. During that struggle I learnt what different things common people and extraordinarily successful professionals do to make resumes creative and impressive. At one point of time, I even took paid services of one of the leading job portals and fortunately quickly realized that it was surely a waste of money and time. The resume they presented was merely based on packaging jargons and hot keywords which search engines can help recruiters quickly find relevant profiles.

In the process leaving that bitter experience behind, those variety of tricks/techniques, the merits and demerits aside, I really started liking visual resume techniques. After iterations and improvisations finally in 2014 I ended up creating one visual resume which impressed me, most importantly convinced me.

Since then, I started believing your resumes are not only to impress recruiters, but one must also give importance to create resume which,

  1. Reminds, how far you have come through
  2. Helps you with impressive visual snapshot or a mind map of your journey and key milestones, which ultimately
  3. Motivates you subconsciously to visualize future path positively based on your current pursuit towards it

So here is my latest iteration after a gap of few years.

My career timeline

Thanks if you have stayed till here. Please do let me know your thoughts and comments how you approach your resume.

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