Test Azure AD User’s Role and Group

In case you missed it, very recently Microsoft went live with the Azure Active Directory PowerShell 2.0. You get more information at #AzureAD PowerShell V2.0 is now GA or Microsoft Goes Live with Azure Active Directory PowerShell 2.0

I had signed up for a cloud automation batch in last week of December 2016. I decided to incorporate new modules for demo. I wrote a following script to search for user’s role and group membership in single task. Currently the Azure AD Portal capability is in Preview Mode. The current set of commands like Get-AzureADUser, Get-AzureADDirectoryRole and Get-AzureADDirectoryRoleMember give the information however we get the only the object ids. To get the display names of users, roles and group names you can use logic in the script.

Click here to get the complete script at Technet Script Center Repository

If you are new to Azure AD, following resources can help you get started,