Data Science Glossary

I am sure there will be many like me who are in the process of mastering data science skills. Some might be thinking about picking this area for learning and possible future career options.

In the last 3 years of my Data Science journey, I came across many online resources. The ones which helped me during my learning are quietly sitting in my favorites/bookmarks.  I thought it will be a good idea to start some posts to share my experience on self-taught data scientist. Its stiff learning curve specially if you don’t enjoy data also not so much interested into statistics or learning programming languages like Python or R. But it isn’t IMPOSSIBLE either. All you need is commitment to learn, experiences from people who pursued data science learning and some motivation along the way. I am still in the process of documenting my personal journey, hoping that it may help someone. On that note, till I write that post, I would like to share the discussion Can I become a self-taught data scientist? Hope it gives some idea to aspirants and may be some motivation too.

If you have already begun the journey I am sure you will be overwhelmed with various concepts and terms which one needs to be comfortably aware till you reach a your confidence level on overall data science topics. For someone like that having a data science glossary handy will definitely help revise and revisit during preparations. I came across following 2 resources and would like to share here with my readers,

And if you have fairly understood data science topics and wondering how the real process or projects can look like? The please do check out this Azure Machine Learning documentation on What is the Team Data Science Process?. I have come across many links, documents, papers on practical usage however this one is really well structured and yet simple to get the overall picture clear. In the future blog I will try to share other references appropriately.

My intent [ hopefully a new year resolution 🙂 ] is to begin sharing my thoughts on Data Science as regularly & frequently as I can. Having said that’s it for now. Stay tuned to my blog if you are interested learning my experiences with data science and related topics.