Infographics in Resume Using Word 2013

The world knows the power of Microsoft Office. I am not going to add anything new to it. Rather I will share how it helped me very recently.

I wanted to update my resume. After trying couple of templates & ideas I was not happy with its appeal. I had to do lot of compromise to compress the information. And yet it had too much of text.

To update I set following objectives for myself,

  • It must be only 3 pages (ideally 2).
  • The First page should convey all my skills & experience without compressing details,
  • Second page should convey my key achievements and other detail effectively,
  • Third page should have details of work experiences as additional references.
  • It should content more visuals for quick attention & understanding of reviewer.

There are tons of free/paid templates available on the web. I did try few of them. However while customizing them to add my details was not fitting up to my objective very quickly & easily.

First, I decided to put following outline so that I can limit it to 3 pages effectively,

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Summary & ObjectivesProfessional & Technical Skills with my self-assessmentWork History Snapshot EducationKey AchievementsCertifications

Personal Details

Extramural Engagements

Voluntary Assignments

Work Details.

Second I thought of using free Infograph creation tools available online. Some of them are really cool & great. However with the free version I was getting limited control of it.

I didn’t want to copy only InfoGraphic Images generated on online tool and paste into my document. That’s will impact the searching of important keywords within my profile.

There is no point in having visually great resume but not searched by recruiters for requirements.

I started exploring what options with in Word or Excel can help me. Initially I started with Excel as I wanted to put timeline table & work the graphics around it. After experimenting a bit I stopped. I realized the same can be done within Word. This way I can avoid the effort of adjusting formatting while porting data from Excel to Work.

I used Insert > Illustrations Group > Shapes to create shapes to depict data I wanted to visualize & show.

I was able to create required Tables as following,


I could add following Illustrations using just the Table (timeline), Shapes, Text Boxes, Arrows & Colors




I had to spend almost ~8 hours formatting & fitting all the Shapes & Text boxes aesthetically well within my constraints & page layouts.

The free icons found on the internet couple of years back helped me enhance the visual impact. It also met my objective while retaining the control of the visual design.

I shared new resume (Resume – Mukesh Shende – Nov 2014) with some of my friends & contacts and received extremely positive reactions. I also received feedback which will help me tune this in future.

I am happy that my resume looks the way I want to present it just by using Office Word 2013. Hope it also helps me get right attention from recruiters in my job search

Super importantly I learnt how I can use simple & powerful office tools to create meaningful InfoGraphs. I will experiment further on this in my reporting & presentations.

If you like this learning, please do share your experiences with me.

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